Nadja has been working with individuals and groups in private practice since 2003. She studied psychology and trained as a psychoanalyst and group analyst in both Berlin and London. She offers therapy and clinical supervision, and also teaches at two institutes for psychotherapy training (BAP and BIPP).

The core focus of Nadja’s practice has become working with individuals from English-speaking countries who have come to Berlin to live and work. Her understanding of and expertise in this group’s specific situation and their needs have been deepened by the ten years of experience she has accumulated in the field.

Psychoanalyst / Psychotherapist / Group Analyst / Supervisor

Relocating to a different country and integrating into a foreign environment can cause problems in how you see yourself and your values and also in your self-esteem. Your previous professional life may be interrupted, and you may need to adapt to a new language environment. Loneliness, isolation and alienation can result from such a move and can in turn cause more severe problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and psychosomatic illness. If the decision to move was made freely, it may be difficult to realise that you nonetheless require professional help to adjust. Each individual needs a specific form of therapy: together we will define the scope of what we will work on together.

Psychotherapy – individual and group – can help you if you are feeling troubled, in despair or in conflict. What we have experienced throughout our lives influences not only who we become but also the expectations we form about future encounters. Through psychotherapy you can find out about your personal patterns of relating to other people and to yourself. This helps clarify to ourselves how our inner world influences our present experiences.
Individual therapy may be for a brief or a longer period and may lead to or occur in parallel with group therapy.