Within the weekly psychotherapy framework, we aim to resolve problems that can be circumscribed and realistically targeted in the defined 1-3 year time frame. Should your stay in the city be limited or if your day-to-day professional challenges do not make more intensive work possible, this may best suit your situation.


one-to-one weekly meetings for a 1-3 year time period, covered by German health insurance.


meetings two to four times a week for a 3-5 year time period, covered by German health insurance.

As a general rule, psychoanalysis aims to explore and change deeply rooted structures in your personality. Should previous therapeutic work uncover traumata that result in longer-term or relatively severe symptoms, and should these limit your happiness in life and ultimately your opportunities for further development, we might consider working intensively. Sometimes major life changes – such as moving to a foreign country - can cause issues to surface that until then were kept under control. These then need to be dealt with. Together we define the content and structure of our sessions.