Group therapy caters to a wide range of issues – high dependency needs, reactions to traumatic life events, relationship and character problems, problems of identity and meaning, occupational issues, career problems. A therapy group provides a safe and nurturing space to relate and explore your problems and feelings. It offers a microcosmos of the larger world: the people you meet in the group offer a relationship experience, while you in turn offer a relationship experience to each of the other group members.
Though group members are dealing with different problems, they share the experience of being in exile. The group provides support and challenge in order to find one’s place in the world. Our weekly group accepts members who speak English as their mother tongue or who speak it fluently enough to feel comfortable working only in English.
Admittance follows a period of exploring your needs and possible solution as well as preparing for the specifics of group work is to one of three weekly groups.

weekly group

6-8 participants, covered by German health insurance. Admission to the group is through an interview and an individual preparatory session.